OCTOBER 10th Through OCTOBER 15th

This is HALLOWEEN WEEKEND at Windsor Campground

Every Tuesday 6pm – Euchre in games room


Decorate your site to make sure it is the GOULIEST it can be for all the little, AND big trick or treaters!

There will be awards given out to the top campsites so make sure you make it the goooooooliest site in the park !

Celebrate the spookiness of Halloween, Enjoy a hay ride on our Halloween Friday! See how all the sites transform into all the spectacular haunted Attractions! 

Saturday – Trick or Treat NIGHT!!!

12:30 – Crafts

After dinner have the treats ready and your site as goooolishly scary as you can!!! All the Trick-or-Treaters are getting ready to come out!


It’s Trick-Or-Treat night!!!

Due to the rain, the main pavilion will be set up at 5:30 as an option to hand out treats.
Campers can either hand out treats at their site OR in the main pavilion.
The park should be ready for the kids to start going out at 6pm, the rain looks like it stops around that time.
Kids can Trick-or-treat going around to the campsites, at the main pavilion OR both!